Discuss the physician’s dual function under an MCO model of care.

Review the paper by A. Mains, A. Coustasse, K. Lykens: Physician Incentives: Managed Care and Ethics  at this link: http://ispub.com/IJLHE/2/1/12416 and answer the questions below.

1. Consider this idea from the paper: “Medicine is a moral enterprise. Because MCOs are involved in the delivery of medical care, they too, are moral entities. However, MCOs are also businesses.”

2. Explain the idea that the authors sought to convey.

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3. Discuss the physician’s dual function under an MCO model of care.

4. What concerns do you have about the physician- patient relationship under MCOs?


1. Limit your responses to a maximum of two pages, not including title and reference pages.

2. Be sure to utilize at least 3-4 scholarly references to support your discussions.

3. Be sure to properly cite your references within the text of your assignment and listed at the end.

4. Be sure to apply critical thinking skills to the write-up of your assignment, especially numbers 2, 3, and 4 above.

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