Discuss the mechanism of action of DDT

Application instructions: For this Application, you will write a review of the issue and take a position on the use of DDT for malaria control. Find scholarly sources such as primary research, journal articles, organizational and governmental Web sites for such organizations as the EPA, CDC, and WHO; and statistics used by public health professionals. You should also familiarize yourself with the organizations that have a stake in this controversy. Cite all facts and all sources. Rehashing fact sheets instead of using the most appropriate and direct source for your information will result in point deduction. APA format is required. Use appropriately named, APA formatted section headers to designate the three main sections of your paper (identified below). Appropriately formatted subheaders are encouraged to identify key subsections. Your paper should be 5–7 double-spaced pages, not including the title page and references. This Application is due by Day 4. Significance of Malaria: Discuss the significance of malaria as a public health issue. Include information on the etiology of malaria. Support significance with epidemiological information such as incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, and societal cost to support your discussion. Be sure to use the most direct, scholarly sources. You should have at least one research article on malaria to support your discussion. Impact of DDT: Discuss the mechanism of action of DDT. Include in your discussion how DDT controls malaria, alternatives to DDT, and a synopsis of key research that has been done to ascertain the toxicity of DDT to humans. To support your conclusions as to the toxicity of DDT, you should discuss at least three research articles which have been conducted to determine the health effects of exposure to DDT, and only one of these may be an animal study. Research must be read and cited directly, not through secondary sources. You may also include a brief discussion on the findings regarding toxicity to wildlife, but the main focus should be on human health effects. Position Statement: Take a position on whether DDT’s benefit as a malaria control method outweighs the risk of toxicity, and make a recommendation for action. For this paper, you will not be allowed to take a middle ground; you need to choose one position and support it

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