Discuss the lions gate bridge suspended span replacement.

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic the lions gate bridge suspended span replacement.

The bridge was constructed in 1938, and its construction was financed privately, and in such cases, the durability and strength of the bridge were at stake because there had to be saved on the initial capital. Buckland & Taylor LTD. was retained to design the replacement of the bridge structure starting from the deck, sidewalks, stiffening trusses, and the suspension hangers needed to be replaced. The design of the replacement was done in 1997. The main factors that affected the parts of the design are that the bridge had approximately 70,000 vehicles that used it per day, so there was a need for thorough maintenance of the bridge.

The replacement design was completed by December 1998, after the completion, the bridge was tendered. The tendering process was done and a Contractor, American Bridge/ Surespan A Joint Venture, was chosen in April 1999. The Contractor was supposed to execute an $8.5 million contract. The cost of the suspension bridge portion of the project was approximately $66 million. The replacement of the Lions’ Gate Bridge was done between September 2000 and September 2001. The replacement was normally done during 10-hour night time closures with other hours being done over the weekends.

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During the other times of the day, the traffic was allowed to use the bridge, but the final paving of the replacement was done during the summer of 2002. The replacement of the Lions’ Gate Bridge is said to be the first suspended structure was replaced while the traffic continued to use it. The outcome of the replacement of the bridge is that today the bridge is wider, safer, and more durable than fits the aesthetics of the other parts of the bridge.First, the bridge was opened while it was still having two lanes, and a concession that the then developers made to the future of the bridge was that a bridge deck will be designed so that it can accommodate the other three narrow lanes that were to be fixed between the curbs.

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