Discuss powerful perceptual and cognitive abilities

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on powerful perceptual and cognitive abilities Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The central idea is that infants have more powerful perceptual and cognitive abilities than adults. Their pitch discrimination abilities can detect changes both in their native and foreign languages, unlike adults who have mastery in their native language only. Infants improve their perceptual and cognitive capabilities through mastering regularities in the musical and linguistic environment.

In so far as music is concerned, infants have more open minds than adults. This is because as people grow old they tend to focus their attention on their own culture and in the process becoming insensitive to foreign ones.

Children are sophisticated learners. The ability to extract regularity from administered stimuli determines how independent they are on the environment they are growing up in. They are born as a blank slate and can learn any language. Therefore, their language learning abilities are innate but the environment, the incoming information, determines which language they learn.

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There is no musical system that is more natural than the other as some modern-day composers and musicologists would want people to believe. According to them, the Western musical system was more natural than, for example, that of the Balkans.

An article was well written- The article has been clearly woven to show the relationship between language and music and how they are influenced upon an infant. The article does not employ a technical language or overuse vocabularies in explaining its points. a layperson could understand it. However, the authors are careful not to water down the document too much.

The target audience has been identified- Even though the authors do not explicitly state the target audience, the level of language, jargon and examples given to point out that the article is meant for psychologists and other players in pedagogic psychiatry.


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