Discuss how Netcare endeavours to this strategic position through their various HRM practices

Provide an assessment on how social media aggravated on the crisis from a marketing perspective

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To ensure a high probability of success in the implementation of strategic human resource management, the HRM function needs to be truly strategic in it’s orientation.
Discuss how Netcare endeavours to this strategic position through their various HRM practices
3 – 6
Analyze Netcare’s high leverage training strategy and it’s effectiveness in contributing to and achieving their organizational objectives
7 – 10
Discuss how the compensation and remuneration system at Netcare promotes the organizational culture and employee behaviours necessary for the achievement of the organisations strategic goal.
11 – 14
Analyze Netcare’s career management or development planning system in retaining good performers and meeting employee’s development needs
15 – 17

As many authors on this subject noted, Netcare also realized that is necessary to engage in strategic planning in order to survive and stay ahead of other competitors.
The Company set out to provide the following:
Outstanding care to patients
Superb service to all
The best possible clinical outcomes.
Being available in times of need in attending to the healthcare of all South Africans, as could have been seen during the 2010 public health sector strikes.
Netcare also saw the need to provide service to their internal and external customer, because if they do not keep these two customers happy, some-one else will. The internal customer being their own employees and the outside customer their patients and the public at large who makes use of their healthcare services. Furthermore did Netcare form a three key private-public partnership with Government and looks forward to forming more such relationships should the opportunity arises. In order for the organization to implement its strategic human resource management successful in the health sector, the organization has sought to minimize/lessen the…

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