Discuss frigges ideas on the first five books of the old testament.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on frigges ideas on the first five books of the old testament. According to Frigge, chapter 5 highlights the fact that the stories contained in the first 5 books of the Bible (also termed as Torah/Pentateuch) were written many years after the various events they recount. The first and most significant parts of these 5 books give an account of the creation of the world as well as that of Israel. However, the majority of the Pentateuch mainly focuses on the Israelites’ flee from the bondage of slavery during their stay in Egypt as well as their long journey to their promised land. It is therefore interesting that the writer gave significant hindsight by evaluating and eventually providing an interpretation of the early events of the Bible taking into consideration the experiences of early times of the Bible.

The stories contained in these books are therefore explained in their particular chronological contexts. The chronological description of the various events as revealed in these books of the Bible is considered by both the Jews and Christians as a major way through which God chooses to become present as well as known to those who see by faith. According to Frigge, these vital background elements prepares one to explore various biblical events, ideas, and themes that are essential to the understanding not only of the Torah/Pentateuch but all Bible in general.

Genesis, which is the first book of the Torah/Pentateuch starts by giving the creation account as well as the earliest Hebrew folk stories and legends. As highlighted by Frigge, the book of Genesis focuses mainly on the great ancestors of the people of Israel who included Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Of all the greatest ancestors of the people of Israel, Abraham is portrayed as the first as well as the greatest of all of them, with present Jews still referring to themselves as the sons and daughters of Abraham. According to Frigge, God told Abraham to leave his homeland to go to another land with promises that he would be a father of many descendants as well as giving his descendants the land of Canaan.

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