Discuss advances in technology in that field of health care

Watch the video, Surgery’s Past, Present, and Robotic Future.  Read from Chapter 7, In the News: Surgical Device Poses a Rare but Serious Peril, and discuss the pros and cons to newer surgical techniques using robotics, lasers, and nanotechnology.  How can surgery be “minimally invasive”?  What is “telepresence surgery”?  In 250-300 words, summarize your thoughts with supportive references in APA style format the electronic version of the text, this article is not included due to licensing issues. Please access the full article, Surgical Device Poses a Rare but Serious Peril online.

Select either pharmacy or dentistry, watch the videos ScriptPro Safety and Accuracy or 3D Dentistry.  Discuss advances in technology in that field of health care in 250-300 words.  How does current technology support the delivery of services to the public?  Consider safety, efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness and cost, along with any other pros and cons you notice.  What are the future considerations or plans?  Support your comments with scholarly references in APA style format.

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