Discuss 6th grade report no mla- among the betrayed- by margaret peterson haddix.

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses 6th grade report no mla- among the betrayed- by margaret peterson haddix. Among the Betrayed Among the Betrayed is a book of fiction series referred to as the shadow children. The population police arrest Nina, the main character, who is also amongst the imposters for investigation purposes. As a third party in a society where a family is allowed to have two children only, she is apprehended upon discovery. She wonders why she is being questioned yet she is innocent making her opt for murder. Nina is given a chance to prove her innocence. She has to betray three young children by revealing their identities as shadow children or she will be sentenced to death along with those that he chooses to protect.

Being isolated in prison with no food and water the children are at the edge of dying. It bothers Nina that she does not know what to do and why she had to go through that test because someone had to die for her to pass the test. Later Matthias, Percy, and Alia joined the group of the shadow children. Despite being betrayed by her boyfriend Nina choose not to betray the others in her cell. Being a shadow child Nina spent her entire life hidden from the society until her family had to buy a fake identity for her. After the arrest she is required by the police to identify other shadow children but she does not .Nina exhibited various characteristics in accordance to the subject matter .The positive elements depicted include encouragement, respect, and triumph over hardship. Despite all the suffering, Nina remembers her romantic relationship with her boyfriend Jason and feels bad about it.

She faces challenges while in prison that she resorts to stealing food from her captors. She is also mistreated by being cuffed, beaten and captured by high school boys. She resorts to a self defense mechanism of escaping by pushing the one questioning but she does not indulge in drug abuse. Alia and Nina exhibit antisocial elements such as cheating, arguing etc by lying to police officers about their identity.

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