Digital technologies knowledge

What does Digital Technology look like in the classroom?

So what does teaching Digital Technology look like in a primary school classroom?

Let’s examine the accompanying table showing a small cross section of content descriptions and elaboration examples. While the table below doesn’t include all the content descriptions and elaborations within Digital Technology, hopefully, it will help you to develop a practical image of the type of activities for primary students appropriate to each year levels from F-6.

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Scope and Sequence

To further help you understand what teaching Digital Technology looks like at a primary school level, have a look at the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technology Scope and Sequence Chart (ACARA, 2014).

Alternatively do a wider exploration of the overview and curriculum (ACARA, 2014).

As you explore take note of:

  • the three band structure F-2, 3-4, 5-6
  • the content structure
  • digital solutions
  • how the concept of preferable futures is embedded within this learning area.

Years F-2

Digital technologies knowledge

Content Description
Recognise and explore patterns in data and represent data as pictures, symbols and diagrams.

sorting objects and events based on easily identified characteristics and using digital systems to represent patterns in data, for example sorting birthdates and presenting the patterns using seasonal symbols.

Digital Technologies Processes and Production Skills

Content Description
Work with others to create and organise ideas and information using information systems, and share these with known people in safe online environments.

using different types of data to create information for sharing online, for example creating a multimedia class profile that includes a photo of each student, a personal audio recording and a written message.

Years 3-4

Years 5-6

AC: Digital Technology (ACARA, 2014)

Learning about the impact of Digital Technology

Teaching students about Digital citizenship

For the last part of this week, we will focus on teaching safe digital practices.

Fostering an awareness of the responsible use of Digital Technology is an important part of teaching Digital Technology to young learners. This goes beyond guiding your students on how to use safe practices online, and involves you helping them to develop a deeper understanding of what is termed Digital citizenship.

The norms of appropriate, responsible behaviour with regard to the use of digital technologies. This involves using digital technologies effectively and not misusing them to disadvantage others.

Digital citizenship includes appropriate online etiquette, literacy in how digital technologies work and how to use them, an understanding of ethics and related law, knowing how to stay safe online, and advice on related health and safety issues. (ACARA, 2014).

Digital Safety

Developing a sense of digital safety is about helping your students to understand that their actions have wider consequences.

In particular two key considerations are that students should have are:

  • Awareness of passwords and how someone else may misuse them.
  • Awareness of how online material may affect others.

Explore the following website developed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (2014) cyber(smart:) which includes resources and support for cyber safety and digital citizenship.

This Northern Territory Department of Education (2011) webpage Acceptable computer & internet usage agreement for students will further help you get an overview of the safe digital practices.

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