Describe your personal myth

   Assignment: Explore and research a personal myth from a philosophical, political, sociological, or historical perspective. Include the following in your essay:

  1. Research your personal mythology, which means some issue, concept, or idea that is important to you and about which you know something but would like to discover more.
  2. Find a myth that helps explain your personal mythology.


As you see, there are two parts to the essay:

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(1) Describe your personal myth (issue, concept or idea), and

(2) explain the mythic connection (meant to help us see what you mean understand the personal issue).


 Here is your opportunity to research your own personal mythology.

Your essay is to be ten-twelve (10-12) pages with at least four sources.

Use MLA Documentation Format and add a Works Cited page.

Use 12 font, Times New Roman or equivalent, double-spaced, and add a title.




This is the promit that you must stick with it… I need it high school level, I mean simpel words and few gremmer mistakes. And I already have 4 pages I need 4 pages more. Also, I need you to add photo 1 or 2 images. 

Bader Aleidan

Prof. Marlene Pearson

English 113B

(Last Draft, Essay #2)

The Positive Powerful of Islam

Islam is the second largest population in this world. From the beginning of Islam history. Before Islam, The Arabs were living a measurable life. They were drinking Alcohol and gambling most of the time. The tribe is called “Quraysh,” they located in “Arab Peninsula” which is divided to seven countries. These countries are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen in these days. Quraysh were a powerful merchant tribe that controlled Mecca and its Ka’aba. The prophet Mohammed (ص)(peace be up on him,) and his tribe were following their religion. Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat were the daughters of God in their believes. Al-Uzza is one of three the goddesses that people were worshiped in Ma’aka. As Monaghan states that Al-Uzza is the mighty God. Circumambulation was in Quaraysh’s religion; they were parading around Al-Uzza God. “With Al-Lat and Mana¯ t, this goddess composed the ‘‘daughters of Allah.’’ She was considered the most recent of the three, associated with oracular pronouncements. But monotheistic writers connected her, as they did other goddesses, with evil; the early Christian writer Jerome specifically described Uzza as a form of the fallen angel Lucifer,” said Monaghan. Those three Goddesses were the guidance for Quaraysh tribe. The prophet Mohammed (ص) was known the sincere and entrusted. His tribe trusted him. Quaraysh’s main god was Hubal. According to The Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity, “The Qurayshite pantheon was composed principally of idols that were in the Haram of Makka, that is, Hubal (the most important and oldest deity), Manaf, Isaf, and Na’ila.”

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