Describe homeland security as it is defined in the various U.S. national security strategies and policies.

This assignment is a take-home essay assignment of two questions.  Students are expected to develop an essay of 4-5 pages total to fully respond to the questions.

Question 1: Describe homeland security as it is defined in the various U.S. national security strategies and policies.

In your readings you have been provided a variety of definitions for the term homeland security. Additionally, the national strategies and readings have talked to the difference between homeland security and homeland defense. Drawing upon your readings and other class materials craft two columns; one labeled Homeland Security and the other Homeland Defense. Under the headers of each column list those missions, tasks, duties, responsibilities, operations, etc. which are identified from the national policies, strategies and readings. Some tasks may be listed under both columns. Where this occurs, be sure to identify if there is any element of that item that is specific to either homeland security or homeland defense. Lastly, drawing upon the list you developed, provide a definition of homeland security.

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Question 2:  Assess the critical infrastructure protection programs of the United States.
Critical infrastructure is defined in the National Infrastructure Protection Plan as “Systems and assets, whether physical or virtual, so vital that the incapacity or destruction of such may have a debilitating impact on the security, economy, public health or safety, environment, or any combination of these matters, across any Federal, State, regional, territorial, or local jurisdiction” (DHS 2009, 109). From this definition, one can reasonably presume that protection of these assets is vital to the well being of the United States and as such is an essential element of homeland security. Drawing upon the readings and outside research provide your assessment of the capability of the nation’s infrastructure protection program to ensure the survivability of its critical infrastructure.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 2009. National Infrastructure Protection Plan. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office.  (accessed August 10, 2012).

Scoring Rubric:

A copy of the complete scoring rubric for this assignment is attached. The following is a synopsis of that rubric.

Area of Evaluation