Define the concept of self reflection.

Reply to the following questions/comments using 110-130 words… must be in your own words no special format needed just comments/ questions and answers….  **** Please include original questions with answers****

1.  After reading through the materials in this chapter consider the following question and post your response.
Define the concept of self reflection.

2.  Self reflection is applying critical thinking on your own self. But it is not just about thinking it is about the whole self and actions. The application of self reflection is being cognitive to your inner feelings, thoughts, feelings and so much more. As for the practitioner application, this is to accept one’s inner self and by doing so you will not succumb to someone else’s assumptions and beliefs. This will assist in the personal understanding but as well as the professional understanding as a Holistic Nurse.

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3.  After reading through the materials in this chapter consider the following question and post your response.
Are there any barriers that interfere with your practice of exercise and movement?  What exercise and movement will improve fitness?

4. It was interesting reading about the benefits of humor does to our body and mind. I am a person that after a stressful day there is nothing healthier than a good laugh with family and friends. Humor like mentioned in the readings, “can be an effective stress management technique.”  Humor can be a release of tension from any situation. Having a little of humor and laughter in our daily life can also help us forget about our problems for a minute and relax our minds and body.

5. Humor is a great medicine, of course, if used in a good taste. Humor provides distraction from the current events and provides an energy as tensions are released. The practitioner or individual must know the audience to ensure the humor is not taken as offensive. If taken in offense, the situation actually becomes worse. The use of humor can be to insight courage, release tensions, or protect from a emotional situation

6.  Relaxation is a major healing and surviving technique that, if you know what works for you, can provide several benefits. Mine is certain types of music that I listen too, often while studying. Other forms of relaxation through things like meditation, yoga or breathing exercises also are beneficial that can reduce anxiety or pain. Such applications of relaxation techniques can help one to sleep or at least rest which will assist in healing.

7.  We all use imagery as we assume in what is happening when we feel like something is not right. Just as the example in the textbook on page 371 as the woman discovers a breast lump. Many of us will jump to conclusions as to what is wrong or what the results can be before we even seek medical attention for a condition. Negative imaging can conjure fear. Positive imaging is the best guidance as it supports relaxation and helps increase the patient’s insights into their health problems.

8. As the relationship of spirituality and religion are part of each of us, though we all express it in different ways. Religion is a choice and a selection on the individual level. Religion prayers have been used for a long time and by many cultures expressing in many forms such as chants, dances, ceremonies, singing or even speaking. The patients that believe in their faith of their religion will pray for themselves and others and the power of prayer should not be discounted as many feel it is helping them as a whole person.

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