Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses uncle tobys new cereal brand: imc plan.

Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses uncle tobys new cereal brand: imc plan. A well respected Australian company, Uncle Tobys employs more than 900 employees and holds a production facility in Wahgunyah, Victoria. The recent acquisition of Nestlé Australia of Uncle Tobys has given the brand the opportunity to expand and reach a wider market through Nestlé’s sales and distribution strengths. Uncle Toby’s roster of products includes nutritious snacks, breakfast cereals, and instant soups. “Breakfast cereals account for more than 40% of Uncle Tobys sales (“Nestle Grows Cereals,” 2007).”

There is a growing breakfast cereals market in Australia. “The market is worth £486m (being one of the top 3 dry grocery segments), growing by 2.6% in 2005. An average consumer now buys breakfast cereals more than 18 times a year and spends around £3 each time. Over 80% of the market value is held by 3 manufacturers – Kellogg’s (42.2%), Uncle Tobys (19.8%) and Sanitarium (18.3%), with top brands in terms of value being Sanitarium Weet-Bix, Kellogg’s Nutri Grain and Uncle Tobys Plus range (“Consumer Trends,” 2006).” Aside from this, there’s a lucrative market for breakfast cereals targeted to children as “more than a third of children do not have breakfast every day, according to a recent survey by the Daily Telegraph. There is therefore much work to be done in promoting breakfast cereals to the younger generation (“Reaching out to children,” 2008).”

No matter the age, children are heavy media consumers, spending an average of two hours a day in front of a television (“New Study”, 2003). Children are becoming more sophisticated viewers in this high-tech age and, as a result, are playing larger roles in family purchasing&nbsp.choices.

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