Cover Letter

Thinking about Cover Letters

There are genuine debates, in this age of computer-scanned resumes, about how much longer prospective employers will continue to ask for cover letters as part of the standard application package. One thing is sure — many job postings today still require this specialized document. The cover letter provides information to link the applicant’s skills and experiences to the job ad in a more narrative (storytelling) fashion than is possible with a resume.

For this assignment, you’ll write your own Recommended Cover Letter Resources Guide, providing a brief summary of what each resource on your guide offers that you find potentially useful to people who need to write a cover letter template to use in the future.

You’ll need to research cover-letter-writing advice, using resources from the class LibGuide (Links to an external site.) page, FIU Handshake,  (Links to an external site.) and any other source you personally find helpful, finding the three items that make up your Recommended Cover Letter Resources Guide.

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For each source on your list, provide a brief but specific summary of what that resource offers that you find potentially useful to people who need to write a cover letter template to use in the future.


Resource Examples

General, vague summary 

A specific, useful summary

This resource is good because there are lots of letters and examples that you can see to base yours on.

The article was published in the Harvard Business Review and starts with examples of how to write a strong opening sentence. It was published recently, so it includes helpful guidance on digital job applications.

And finally, be sure that for each item on your Recommended Cover Letter Resource Guide that you provide the URL to that source –the URL (web address) that you provide will let your readers instantly connect to any source you list that they are curious to investigate themselves.

Checklist for your Recommended Cover Letter Resources Guide submission:

  1. List three Cover-letter-advice related sources,
  2. Provide a useful summary for each listed source, (This is where people often sacrifice points because their summary isn’t usefully specific.)
  3. Provide the URL (web address) for each, and
  4. Be at least 200 words long.