Contemporary Business Communication In A Globalised World.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Contemporary Business Communication In A Globalised World. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. he societies and communities expanded, so the number of languages increased resulting in a hugely diverse pool of languages that are now spoken in different parts of the globe. It has been an observation that communities or people living together usually speak in a common language that allows them to communicate with each other easily and run public, as well as personal affairs. As Bell (2011, p. 134) stated, “A shared common language is a prerequisite for our social, intellectual and economic lives” indicating the significance of language in the human society.

In this regard, a single language in a particular community was the norm a few decades back and different communities used to have their own language, which is still the case. However, today, the world has turned into a small global village due to the factor of globalisation, and nowadays, people from different countries are living and working together. This has initiated a debate (Cotterill & Ife, 2005) regarding utilisation of one single language, especially in the corporate world in comparison to the notion of a bilingual or multilingual society.

When it comes to the usage of a single language, English language is dominating worldwide due to various factors, most importantly, the historical reasons that include colonisation of the United Kingdom in different parts of the world that brought the English language to these nations (Fredriksson et al, 2006). Besides, the United States has dominated various countries with its power of the dollar for many decades that resulted in the inclination of these nations to learn English language and use it, especially for business purposes, as Tietze (2004) argued that much of the professional management education originated from the USA and is mainly organized in English (Lockwood, 2012).

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In addition, as mentioned earlier, the globalisation also resulted in advancements in the field of information and technology that also became the reason of migration of English language in&nbsp.different parts of the globe through the tool of the internet (Bell, 2011).


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