Compose a 1750 words assignment on african descents and women in revolutionary france.

Compose a 1750 words assignment on african descents and women in revolutionary france. Needs to be plagiarism free! However, the power of the times of the eighteenth century was somewhat against women and people of African descent in general, and strides forward that were made during the revolution in many cases were then made backward again after the revolution was over. In other words, there was more talk about equality for women and people of African descent than there was actual action, and even those women and Africans who had fought, rioted and protested in the revolution on an equal footing with white males, found soon afterward that the society was not truly ready for equal rights, and many cases went back to the status quo.

virtues as the pursuit of life, liberty, and property for all, but on the other hand, women and people of African descent were often not considered to be a part of this holistic account. This situation is typical of the stress that many French writers and commentators of the time put on fraternity, and while many French women played vital roles in the revolution, they did not reap the same benefits from the process that men did, in terms of gender roles and the theoretical equity of Enlightenment ideals. The French Revolution was indeed a cataclysmic event in the history of Western Europe, but one has to ask whether the revolution changed society that much in terms of gender roles. There was such a history of patriarchal effect in place in the French society before the revolution that these new principles of equity that came from the revolution were primarily equitable as seen from the patriarch. Citizenship was defined in broad terms, but narrowed down in terms of gender and race regarding what exactly was expected of women and people of African descent, whose social and biological roles were assumed to be different.

Both women and Africans living in France demanded citizenship rights during this time of revolution, but in the aftermath, the equation was again unbalanced between theory and reality.

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