Compose a 1500 words assignment on business information and management of the organisation.

Compose a 1500 words assignment on business information and management of the organisation. Needs to be plagiarism free! From the perspective of the marketers, the retailers are closer to the consumers compared to the suppliers. In recent times because of an intensely competitive environment, the importance of business information has grown. The role of business intelligence is very significant not only for the survival of the business but also for the everyday business negotiations and transactions.

Lack of significant information or misleading information increases the probability of misjudgment which invariably hinders the profitability of the company. Such wrong or lack of information will increase the cost to the business. Being a retail player, Sainsbury’s is closely connected with consumers and such information will have a negative impact and might lead to loss of consumers (Institute of Management Technology, 2010).

Sainsbury’s operation as a retail chain has to manage the customers, logistics, human resources, performances and the supply chain. The level of management with various areas becomes tough to administer and the organization needs to be well managed and organized. For this purpose, Sainsbury’s organize their organization in a corporate structure that leads to efficiency and growth.

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Sainsbury is operating in varied locations to serve huge clients and for this purpose, the business information and management of the organization is vital to be managed in a well-structured manner with well-developed communication system process that will make information flow much easier.

In order to successfully operate in the retail sector, it is very important for Sainsbury’s to have adequate information management as the sector is heavily driven by information even in its day to day activities. The price pressure, lower entry barriers, globalization are few among other factors that force Sainsbury’s to take quick and better decisions across the business. The information management strategy will aid Sainsbury’s to deal with rapidly changing marketing&nbsp.conditions.


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