Complete 40 pages APA formatted article: Marketing Plan for Sustainable Boosting Of Hollywood Movies in China.Complete 40 pages APA formatted article: Marketing Plan for Sustainable Boosting Of Hollywood Movies in China.

Complete 40 pages APA formatted article: Marketing Plan for Sustainable Boosting Of Hollywood Movies in China. The primary market for the distribution of the Hollywood movies is mostly the western markets and the primary target audience was also considered western in nature. With the evolution of technology and the growth of demand for Western lifestyle, more and more consumers across the world, mostly from developing nations of Asia are interested in being the consumers and the audience of high class Hollywood movies. The evolution of consumer taste along with the growing economic prosperity is the emerging markets like China and India are providing a significant rise in disposable income as well as a change in consumer behavior in regards to the demand for Hollywood movies. The Chinese market is considered as a very hot profile market in the Asian region. Faced with a crisis scenario for the shortfall of demand in the domestic Western markets as the effects of economic crisis in the Western world, is increasingly having an impact on the consumer behavior of the western masses, the Hollywood movies are increasingly looking forward to the internationally emerging markets for the Asian countries like China and India for their marketing and distribution in order to boost up their sales and revenue generation from the movies. In order to tap the opportunity arising out of the demand for western made Hollywood movies, this particular marketing plan is being designed to create the ground for Hollywood movies in the Chinese markets for the purpose of maintaining a steady flow of international demand. This will also help for an increase in ticket sales for the western movies in the Chinese markets. The marketing plan comprises of objectives of the marketing plan, an analysis of the business environment from legal, political, social and economic dimensions as well as internal and external analysis. The marketing plan also comprises the process of conducting a primary market research in order to gather first hand consumer insights directly from the market and understand the taste, preference and choice of movies existent among the Chinese consumers. In the next steps, the marketing plan moves on to cover the marketing strategies like segmentation, targeting and positioning of the movies produced and marketed by Hollywood. The dimensions of the 4P’s of marketing as well as the various implications and conclusions are also taken in to account in the process of creation of the marketing plan in order to enhance the prospect of increased ticket sales and revenue generation for the Hollywood movies distributed in China. Introduction Technology is an ever evolving scientific invention as well as concept of mankind and with the passage of time, the focus of scientists over the years, has always been to develop a more advanced form of technology that will facilitate human interaction and lifestyle in a more efficient manner. This has resulted to the world of today, which has become a highly connected one.


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