Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Industrial.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Industrial. Evaluation of a Workstation In my office setting, the workstation is comprised of a desk with a simple desktop computer, a printer and a series of manila file folders locked inside of a slide-out file cabinet. There are a series of controls taking place within this workstation. For instance, one internal control of security is that the files with important documents are locked inside of the file cabinet (“Understanding Internal Controls”, 2009). This is a strong control measure because it ensures that no one who does not have access to the key of the file cabinet will have access to the files inside. This would be a very secure measure if in fact the key was not simply placed inside the top drawer of the desk. The key is not labeled, but anyone who found it could easily deduce that it would be to unlock the file cabinet. This is a breakdown of the original control measure for this workstation. The workstation also has displays of important phone numbers and contact information for staff members within our department. These are posted on the walls of the cubicle within the workstation and are easily used to reference who to contact and what phone numbers and email addresses to contact them at. The company logo is also placed on the monitor and CPU of the computer in the workstation to show ownership as well as institute a sense of pride for the company. Therefore, the logo in this circumstance is also considered to be a symbol for the company and the workstation. This logo is always made available on all documents and equipment. hence, the logo is also printed on a sticker which is found on the top of the printer in the workstation. Overall, the workstation is equipped to perform the functions that are desired by the company and its supervisors. References Understanding internal controls. (2009). Retrieved from http://


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