Complementary Health Systems of Care

The paper is to be  between 5-7 pages in 12 point font excluding title and citations pages. The paper is to be completed in APA style (Research Navigator includes an entire section of drafting and writing a research paper and APA style). The paper must include at least 5 research based articles from peer reviewed journals to support your thesis; in addition you may use other articles. The thesis statement must be highly developed and the rest of the paper should address the thesis. You will be graded on the ability to use examples which support the thesis statement. You must thoughtfully analyze and evaluate the literature. You will be graded on the ability to evaluate the evidence in a balanced manner.

The paper is to deal with a CAH therapy using principles of evidence-based health care learned in this course. They may include such topics as:


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  1. Complementary Health Systems of Care
  2. Homeopathic medicine
  3. Ayurvedic medicine
  4. Tibetan and Traditional Chinese medicine
  5. Native American Healing
  6. Naturopathy
  7. Scientific, ethical and legal issues surrounding alternative health systems


  1. Mind-body interventions

III. Biologically-based interventions

  1. Manipulative and body-based therapies
  2. Energy therapies


  1. Lifestyle changes such as nutrition, fitness and stress management.

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