Community Health Assessment

This Application Assignment asks you to consider the kinds of data you would use, and how you would obtain the data, for a community health assessment.

Read through the case exercise on Community Health Assessment, linked below, and complete all the questions. All the information you will need to complete this assessment exercise is provided in the Appendix at the end of the document. Save this Word document to your computer before you begin to fill out the form.

Community Health Assessment Exercise

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Note: Assessment is a very involved process, and you could easily spend many hours exploring this case exercise alone. However, for the purposes of this assignment, you should limit yourself to spending no more than two hours to complete this Application.

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Week 4 Application: Community Health Assessment for Pitt County, North Carolina[*]
Community health assessment is key to understanding the health problems and priorities of a population. This Application Assignment outlines a process by which you can complete a health assessment of a community using indicator-based methods. You will construct a set of health indicators from a variety of domains, evaluate problems, and report on the health priorities for a community.


Sections A–C ask questions about assessment in general. Section D involves assessment of a particular county in North Carolina, information on which is provided in that section and in the Appendix.



Instructions: Save this document to your computer and complete all questions in Sections A–D below. Submit by the end of Week 4 following the submission instructions in the Week 4 Application section.


Section A: Community Health Assessment


The goal of public health is to improve the health of a population. Public health interventions such as safe water sources, immunization programs, and improved motor vehicle safety regulations account for the majority of years of life expectancy gained in the United States over the last 100 years.


A community health assessment involves obtaining and interpreting information to determine the health status of a specific community. Once community health needs are identified, public health interventions can be developed and their effectiveness evaluated using a similar approach.  Information necessary for performing a community health assessment, for example data on mortality rates or behavioral risk factors such as smoking, is available from various sources.




  1. How do you define community?
  2. What stakeholders (groups/organizations) would you want to consult with for a community assessment?
  3. What types and sources of data would you use for a community assessment?

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