Communication is the key to avoid conflicts.

Communication is the key to avoid conflicts. The new director should have had a meet and greet with the employee. He or she should have shared the new ideas with the team to receive the input. There are many people throughout the organization that do not like change. A few factors that can result in communication conflict are lack of ommunication, power position, not setting expectations and goals, or the current situation.

A good nurse leader will begin y building rapport and trust with their team. A leader must possess effective communication skills and be proactive in communication with their team.  Present openness in the work area to elevate the level of teamwork and engagement. This can make solving problems easier and as a group. Openness can also allow the employees to voice new ideas or concerns. They will always be friendly, empathetic, and smile while being an active listener to their team. Expectations and goals will be set and made crystal clear. Expectations can make any job easier. If employees know what is xpected of them they will get the job done and in a timely manner.

“Just being available and attentive is a great way to use listening as a management tool. Some employees will come in, talk for twenty minutes, and leave having solved their problems entirely by themselves”. (Luppa, 2015).

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Work can be disrupted by factors such as reorganization, downsizing, absenteeism or turnovers. Work disruption has been to linked to negative outcomes  (Huber, 2013). In this scenario, staff has been subjected to additional stress with the new changes that had not been communicated to them in advance. The staff has not contributed any input to the new changes. The staff resentfulness is a natural reaction because they are thrown to changes without prior warning. A performance driven team is stronger and successful when all the members work together towards a common goal. Working in groups requires building interpersonal relationships. “Things get done because of relationships among people, nurses need to build successful collaborative relationships among multiple levels of colleagues, key people, organizations and clients”(Huber, 2013, p. 132).

Several factors can lead to conflicts at work places. Such factors include poor communication, unfair treatment, unclear job roles, bullying and harassment, poor management, poor work environment and inadequate training (Fiala, 2017). “Conflict is an inherent element of change and is manifested in resistance to change” (Huber, 2013, p. 174). In this scenario, the director uses autocratic leadership style, which is centered on the boss. He or she has made decisions without consulting the subordinate staff and is expecting the decisions to be implemented promptly. Statistically few situations support this kind of leadership (Raza, n.d.). Poor communication is another conflict that has surfaced on this scenario. Failure of the director to prior communicate with the staff of the new changes has brought resentfulness. Poor communication not only causes conflict but also decreases work productivity and staff morale (Fiala, 2017).

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