Choose a topic related to health that has meaning to your personal health, interests, and well-being

Choose a topic related to health that has meaning to your personal health, interests, and well-being. This may be a disease, such as diabetes, or a healthy fitness activity. Conduct a database search comparing one of the following database directories with Google Scholar. CINAHL and Google Scholar PubMed and Google Scholar Explain how you were able to narrow down the number of article hits you had initially, and present within your post a summary of the credible article you chose as your resource. How do you know your article choice is credible? Which database do you prefer and why?

2. For this discussion, we will consider the use of social media and personal technology. What are the legal and ethical implications, if any? Why or why not?

Choose one of the following scenarios to research, locate a credible article, and discuss the ethical and legal implications related to the use of social media and/or personal technology associated with each.

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Your best friend, a nurse, posts the following on Facebook, on her day off, and from her home computer: “What a crazy day at work yesterday! I met the cutest little old man from my street! I really cannot believe he is 98 years old and still sharp as a tack! He made me laugh when he said he wanted a prescription for Viagra, and I think he was serious! He really made my day when he said that he thought I was the prettiest nurse on the unit!” A work colleague in the obstetrics department has a public nursing blog, and her latest entry states that she had the “most difficult time at work caring for the mother of a baby that had died due to abuse-related injuries, and she is here now to have another child.” Her post goes on to say that she and her husband have had problems conceiving, and anyone who abuses a child should be automatically sterilized or be forced to give the child up for adoption. You are on break for lunch, sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine, when you see a car pull up to the main entrance of the hospital where you are a nurse. Out steps your favorite professional football player, along with his wife. She looks as though she has been punched in the face, considering the bruises, black eye, and swollen lip that you see. You grab your smartphone, quickly snap some photos, and then tweet them to your followers on Twitter.

How will using a database search facilitate your

scholarly work; nursing work (evidence-based practice); and personal self-development?

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