Child and Adolescent Psychology

Assignment 1: LASA 2 Identity Formation
We have learned that adolescence is a time of transition between childhood and adulthood. A critical milestone of this stage is the ability to successfully achieve a sense of identity. Around the world there are different rites of passage to mark the transition to adulthood. In the United States this might include obtaining a driver’s license landing one’s first job senior prom or high school graduation. In this assignment we will explore the role that family and society play in the development of the individual’s sense of self.
By Monday April 19 2016 create two documents for parents of minority teens 1) A 912-slide PowerPoint presentation (complete with speaker’s notes) and 2) an accompanying 12-page handout/flier in Word document or PDF format. Be sure that both illustrate the following:
*Peer-reviewed means an article from a reputable journal which can be found in the Argosy University Online Library. Peer reviewed indicates that other professionals in the field have reviewed and deemed it worthy of publication in contrast to much if what we find online: someone posting something he or she wants to without someone else verifying that the research methods were rigorous enough and the study is valid.Use your textbook and course lectures as your primary resources as well as articles from the Argosy University Online Library. If you must supplement from a website do NOT use .coms. Instead look for .org .gov and sometimes .edu for more reputable sources. Never use Wikipedia or
This assignment is worth 300 points and will be evaluated according to the rubric. Study the rubric carefully before you start work and refer to it periodically to complete this assignment

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