Child Abuse Treatment Case Study

Case Study: Marisa



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Name: Marisa




Marisa is an 11-year-old Hispanic-American female. Marisa is in the 7th grade at a local school. She lives with her biological mother and her stepfather. Marisa has three siblings: one brother and two sisters. Marisa is the oldest child. Marisa’s biological father is inconsistently in her life, and visits with her a couple of times a year. He lives in the same city as Marisa, but doesn’t seem to hold a job long enough for her mother to collect child support. Marisa is the only child from her mother’s first marriage; her siblings were born during her mother’s current marriage.


Treatment History


Marisa has been to therapy “a couple of times” when she was 6 years old. Marisa’s mother reports that she (mother) has always had difficulty “managing Marisa’s behavior.”


Current Treatment


Marisa reports that she visits her school counselor sometimes.


Current Medical




Current Disposition


Marisa’s mother has brought Marisa into your office seeking counseling for oppositional behavior. Marisa’s mother reports “Marisa is so disrespectful; she talks back, yells at me, and just won’t do what she is told.” While you are talking with Marisa and her mother they describe a recent argument. Marisa reports that her mother “slapped me” during the argument. Marisa’s mother reports, “She hit me; I had to do something.” As you tell Marisa and her mother that you are a mandatory reporter and start describing what that means, Marisa’s mother gets upset and leaves the office, taking Marisa with her.




Due to the intake paperwork, you have the family’s address and demographic information.


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