Chemical dependency with co-occurring disorder

Class Presentation:


Purpose: Students will meet course outcome(s) –

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·  Demonstrate appropriate interaction with clients with a substance use disorder and a mental illness.

·  Identify personal biases and strengths that could affect assessment, the treatment process, and outcomes.

·  Identify types and names of drugs prescribed for the most prevalent mental illnesses and their effectiveness in the treatment of co-occurring disorders and how alcohol and other drugs of abuse manifest as mental health symptoms.




This assignment involves working with a team of your classmates to provide written work and class presentations regarding the group’s chosen diagnosis. This assignment replaces the usual mid-term exam.


1. All group members MUST contribute written work demonstrating research, and present it to the class.

2. Class time will be allotted to complete this assignment, however, each student will work independently, if necessary, to complete the assignment.

3. Student’s in each group will be researching and presenting on ONE of the following diagnoses:


a. Major Depression



4. Research needs to include the following:



b. List the medication(s) that are helpful in treating these symptoms, and which, if any, would be appropriate (or allowed) in Substance Use Disorder treatment.

c. Discuss the barriers clients/patients might need to address in recovery, and how you might change your approach when assessing him/her.


e. What substances most impact this diagnosis, and how?


5. Presentations:

a. Design your presentation to be 15 to 20 minutes in length; this time needs to be divided equally between the people in your group.

b. It’s a good idea to practice, so the group does not go over the allotted time.

c. Presentations will take place the last two weeks of class.


Our presentation is going to be on Major Depression I need some good information on medication that will be helpful in treating this with substance use and what substances most impact this diagnosis and how


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