Can new medicines and vaccines be safely developed without animal testing?

You will submit a 5-7 page argumentative research paper on one of the following topics. This research paper should be completed in proper MLA format (with in-text cites and a works cited page; no title page.) Your research paper will be graded for organization, content, correctness, unity, and effectiveness. Plagiarized papers or papers submitted without a verifiable works cited page will receive a zero. You must cite a minimum of three sources in your paper. Remember that once you declare your topic and take a position, you must prove it by providing evidence in the form of facts, expert opinions, previous studies, and statistics.

Develop one of the following thesis statements into a research paper.
Animal testing is necessary to develop new medicines and advance scientific knowledge.
Animal testing is unethical and should be outlawed.
Some of the issues in this argument:
What rights do animals possess? What rights do humans have to use animals as they wish? Can new medicines and vaccines be safely developed without animal testing? Do humans exploit animals when they keep them as pets and/or in zoos?
The positive aspects of legalized gambling far outweigh the harmful side effects that occur.
The harmful side effects of legalized gambling far outweigh any positive effects.
Some of the issues in this argument:
What are the social and economic effects of legalized gambling on a community? What is the relationship between gambling and crime? Can the gambling industry regulate itself?
Develop a thesis statement and subsequent paper which explore the following: To what extent should individuals have the protection of the law and the assistance of the medical establishment in terminating their own lives?

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