Briefly discuss why we might see differences between some male and female respondents to the statements in the survey

  1. For this paper you must develop an essay response to all of the following:
    1. Begin your response by defining “sexism.” You must provide both your personal definition for sexism 
    2. After completing the Modern Sexism Scale, it is likely that some men and women may view these statements differently. Briefly discuss why we might see differences between some male and female respondents to the statements in the survey. Scale is below.

Modern Sexism

On a scale from 1(strongly disagree) to 7 (strongly agree), indicate the extent to which you disagree or agree with each of the following statements.

1. It is rare to see women treated in a sexist manner or television

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2. Society has reached the point where women and men have equal opportunities for achievement.

3. Over the past few years, the government and news media have been showing more concern about the treatment of women than is warranted by women’s actual experiences.

4. Discrimination against women is no longer a problem in the United States.

5. Women’s requests in terms of equality between the sexes are simply exaggerated.

6. Universities are wrong to admit women in costly programs such as medicine when, in fact, a large number will leave their jobs after a few years to raise their children.

7. Due to social pressures, firms frequently have to hire under-qualified women.


3. Which statements do you believe men and women would most likely significantly differ in agreement or disagreement? Why?


4. Briefly define and discuss “communion” and “agency.” Would you label yourself as more communal or more agentic? Why?

5.  Do you think it is possible that a person could agree with one or more of the sexist beliefs in the scale but not be supportive of traditional roles and male dominance? Why or why not?


6. Briefly discuss and describe an instance in which you personally experienced sexism or were sexist. Clearly define and explain the type of sexism (i.e. hostile, benevolent, or modern) as discussed in Ch 2 of the textbook. Try to recall how the experience made you feel.

7. How might modern sexism be more problematic than traditional sexist views? Support your discussion of why modern sexism is more problematic than traditional sexism with information from the textbook section on contemporary sexism.


    1. APA style in-text citation and reference is required.
    2. Papers formatting must be:
      1. A minimum of 2 full pages single-spaced, 12-point New Times Roman font or similar. Do not exceed 3 pages. Reference citations included on a separate page do not count towards writing minimum or maximum.
      2. Do not use any titles or headings, course name or date. If you include your name or PID it should be included in the “header” of the document and not part of the main content.
      3. Do not use bullet points, outlines or numbering in your response.  Essay/paragraph format is required.
      4. APA style in-text citation and reference is required.

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