Assessment on Living in Britain.

Need help with my writing homework on Assessment on Living in Britain. Write a 1250 word paper answering; I learned about important dates in Britain’s history. The Scottish referendum on independence occurred on 18/9/2014 in which more than 85% of the population voted, but the referendum push for Independent Scotland did not carry the day (PPT 2, slides 5-6). Britain is a very democratic nation with diverse economic activities. In brief, the UK is a united nation and diverse in terms of its geography and geological features. Britain has vast economic features and boasts of various resources including minerals and energy. The Four Nations are united especially during elections and major events, a fact that has made the UK be a major decision-maker in not only Europe but the world. It has constantly changing establishments and systems. Initially deriving its economy from agriculture, the perception of land use and other industries are now constantly changing. Perhaps I now understand Britain better.

For Week Two I learned that historically, the populations that once made up Britain included the Romans, the Celts, the Vikings, the Normans, and the Anglo-Saxons. The Celts occupied Britain about 2000 years ago. They belonged to the Iron Age. no records about them exist to date. The Romans lived in Britannia, which is the present-day Wales and England. Latin was the Roman language. They were great people who had a unique culture and way of life. They left little to be remembered about save for their ornamental and medieval architecture that can be witnessed in Chester, Lancaster, and Gloucester. The Anglo-Saxons lived in Britain in the 5th century. They mainly influenced the spread of Christianity. emanating from Rome during this time. The Vikings lived in Britain in the 8th century. They came from Scandinavia. At the end of the 10th century, England was a great kingdom mainly endorsing the Germanic culture. The Normans lived in Britain during the medieval time.&nbsp.

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