article review

Gawande and Moore are both writing about health and healthcare, but in very different genres and from very different perspectives. Which do you find more compelling? If you were forced to recommend one reading over another–say you have a friend, trapped and bored with nothing but your homework to entertain them–which would one would you pick?


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Article review

Choose one article from a primary scientific literature source that uses a microbe as a model organism/system.
NOTE: Many free articles may be obtained from or visit the university library.

Write a summary of the study that includes:

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Why did the scientists perform the study (i.e., description of background)?
What was the hypothesis (or hypotheses) under investigation?
What were the major results and did they support or negate the hypothesis? Which key techniques were used to achieve these results?
Why are the results significant and do they point to further/future studies? In other words, why does this article matter and what should or could be done next?
Why did you choose this particular article to review? Was it interesting, informative, clearly written, or none of the above?
Compose your review in APA format and include:

A title page
Answers to the questions above in paragraph format (2 or more pages)
A reference page with the reference for your article and any other sources used in your review.

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