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. The ideal house in Cisneross The House on Mango Street provides the conditions that enable its occupant to live a good life.  What characterizes that life, and in what ways does the house make it possible?  Before you draft the essay, answer the following sub-questions below for yourself.  (a.) What features of the houses mentioned in The House on Mango Street (3-5), Bums in the Attic (86-87), and Linoleum Roses (101-102) clarify what Esperanzas ideal house should not include? (b.) In Linoleum Roses, Esperanza says that she thinks that Sally married and moved into her house as an escape (101).  In the last paragraph of Sally (83) and in A House of My Own (108), how are freedom and safety related?  In what way does freedom differ from an escape?  (c.) In Alicia and I Talking on Ednas Steps (106-107) and Bums in the Attic (86-87), how are freedom and responsibility related?  (d). In the Introduction, Cisneros describes her house and new office.  In what ways do her house and office fulfill Esperanzas requirements for an ideal house?  Are there any ways it does not?


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