Anti Asian Hate

Clarifying research designs
May 5, 2021
Allbirds Company’s report
May 5, 2021

analyze the issue that is currently taking place and being reported in the news or that has recently taken place (within the previous year), and that involves concepts in the OB (organizational behavior) course covered in this course. The paper should include the following:

A concise summary of the issue.
An analysis of 3 OB concepts ( the concepts I choose are stereotyping/discrimination/ power/persuasion/ involved in the situation(I have attached each class below). Apply the appropriate concepts and think critically about the way in which this situation does or does not illustrate the theories and research that you have learned about.
2 recommendations (solutions) based on what you think can help this issue.
Analyze how the parties i(government, media) involved could perform more effectively.

Sample Solution

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