Analyze Personality

PSY – Theories of Personality

Module Four Journal Template

For your journal, complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information. Your responses should each be about 2 to 5 sentences in length.


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· Analyzing Theory

· Describe how humanism differs from the personality theories you have studied so far.

[Insert text]

· Explain the role of nature and nurture in the humanistic approach.

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· Describe the role of emotional intelligence in the humanistic approach.

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· Applying Theory to Society

· Explain the role of systemic issues in society, such as a lack of equity, access, or opportunity in the hierarchy of needs.

[Insert text]

· The final course in your degree program will challenge you to think about your role as an agent of social change. Explain how the humanistic approach generally, or Maslow’s hierarchy specifically, relates to your initial thoughts about being an agent of social change in your community. You can think about how humanism influences your approach to systemic issues or the role that being an agent of social change has on your views of self-actualization.

[Insert text]

· Locate and summarize one external article that investigates limitations of Maslow’s hierarchy and systemic issues in society.

[Insert text]


· Applying Theory to Self

· Thinking about the top of Maslow’s hierarchy, explain what self-actualization means for you. You can focus your answer as narrowly or holistically to your life experience as you would like. Consider what role school or your career has on your answer. Does success in those areas help you achieve self-actualization? Is it something else?

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