Analysis of the US Army in Strategic Management.

Write 5 pages with APA style on An Analysis of the US Army in Strategic Management. The industrial base provides equipment and logistic services – putting up power-projected platforms for positioning land forces rapidly to help soldiers. After positioning of forces, the institutional army provides logistic support. The US army also boasts of Army Material Command (AMC). It is the army’s main supplier of ready material – technology, getting support, materiel development, logistics power providing to the whole force on a scenario like joint military operations.

Strategy management of the US army (Bartholomees, 2006) is not based on any formula but set principles and creative processes. Formation of strategy is planned in accordance with time, place, and dignitaries involved. Defense strategy planners target to attain a logical, continuing accord by formulating national security and military strategies. 1*

Strategy management of any organization can be analyzed with the framework of External Factor Evaluation Matrix (EFE). Some of the important external factors of strategy formation are Economy, Political/Legal/Governmental, Social/Demographic/Environmental, Technological, and Competitive factors.

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Economic factor– Economic condition plays a very important part in strategy formulation. American economy (Chun, 2006) has been an element of power. National leadership finds it more conducive to use economic power rather than military power to resolve strategically important issues. Market competitive forces have a free hand in cutting costs and the availability of goods and services in an interdependent economy. Free trade in tariff-free markets has strengthened mutual relations with other countries. On the wrong side, there has been fear of losing important industries on the pretext of reducing the cost of production and taking the risk of endangering national security.

Political, legal, and government factors—McShane (2006) has written a chapter on ‘International law and the new world order: Redefining Sovereignty.


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