Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorder

Week 3: Psychological Disorder

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-Answer each question fully. Be sure that you stay within
the required word count. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points. The
word count is designed to help improve your critical thinking skills, while
improving your abilities to effectively convey meaning.
-APA formatted citations are required on questions 4-8.
-A reference list is required. Reference list must be in APA
-Complete this worksheet in the worksheet format (ie. not
paper format). This means leave the question above each response.
-Single space each response.

1. Psychological
Disorder (as listed in the DSM-5) list the NAME just one: Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorder.

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2. DSM-5
Code for this disorder use the ICD-10 code (This will generally start with an
F i.e. F23.1) F19.10.

3. Why did
you choose this disorder? (50 words or less)
For years, my family and I have struggled with my brothers drug
addiction. Recently, I found out my son
was an addict as well. The destruction
and havoc the drug causes to not only the addicts life, but their loved ones
too, is almost inconceivable. I chose
this disorder, hoping to give some insight as to why? Why do they choose to use? Why do they behave the way they do?

4. Discuss
the psychological disorder (150-250 words) For years, there has been controversy as to
whether drug addiction was a mental illness.
This psychological disorder changes the brain in fundamental ways,
disturbing a persons normal hierarchy of needs and desires and substituting
new priorities with using the drug. The
inability to control impulses despite the consequences are similar to that of
other mental illnesses. Drug abuse has
become a common problem and plagues all social classes worldwide. Different people are affected by drugs in
different ways. Some may be prone to
certain types of drugs. Although most
people are still stereotyped, drug dependancy is not a character defect. People who suffer with addiction should be
treated the same as any other person with a medical condition. A person who abuses drugs may not even
realize they have a problem. Often
times, it is the family that makes the addict aware of the illness; typically
with the help of a health care professional.
Addiction comes at a high cost.
In addition to healthcare costs, society pays a huge price for the
effects of drug addiction. Addicts,
often times, support their habits by stealing.
This leads to increased tax costs for additional law enforcement.