A Critical Reading Analysis (CRA) aims at scaffolding for an author’s main concepts, and de-constructing some of his/her ideas or arguments. While this intellectual task is critical for a clear understanding of the concepts advanced by an author, it will serve as a springboard into more in-depth discussions of the chapter’s content and method(s). Appended, you will find the template for completing this assignment. Also, please browse through the student sample(s) of similar work, which I have uploaded to INST 110W COURSE GUIDELINES in Bb Learn. The following are the specifics for a successful completion of the assignment:


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a. Make sure you will have read Kathryn Sorrells’ chapter 4:  (Dis) Placing Culture and Cultural Spaces: Locations of Nonverbal and Verbal Communication (Textbook, pp. 76-99), before you start to work on your CRA-1;

b. Address the questions that I have highlighted on the CRA by providing the specific page(s) number(s), paragraph(s), where the reader can locate the information on chapter four;

c. You will not earn points for this activity IF you do not provide the page(s) number(s) where the information is drawn from;

d. I strongly recommend that you read the CRA STUDENT SAMPLES, which I have provided to you (i.e., pay particular attention to how the students backed up Sorrells’ main points, arguments);

I uploaded a file to write the assignment on it, Also, I uploaded the lectures if you need it 

And here is the books :’%20chapter%204%3A%20(Displacing%20Culture%20and%20Cultural%20Spaces%3A%20Locations%20of%20Nonverbal%20and%20Verbal%20Communication&f=false


    INST 110I/Dr. de Brito YOUR NAME:

    READING TITLE: ____________________________________________________________________________

    AUTHOR’S NAME: ___________________________________________________________________________

    Instructions :

    (1) Please use the space provided on this sheet to highlight the main points on the Chapter that you have been assigned to write your CRA on; (2) type up the FORM, and turn in your complete answers to your instructor, per Course Schedule. (3) communicate your thoughts clearly; (4) Use your own words as much as possible while examining an author’s writing; (5) quotes from authors are welcome as well; as long as you use proper quotation marks and style; (6) feel free to use some of the sentence-starters that I have provided, below; (7) Jot down the page number(s) where you got your data/information from (8) Use a separate form for each article/chapter [IF you have been asked to analyze more than one article/chapter].

    Please highlight 4 main points the author(s) make in this chapter, and provide the appropriate supporting information/ideas/evidence:

    Four main points of the article/chapter are …

    1. Main point one:

    One of the author’s main points is that …

    Supporting evidence provided by the author:

    The author argues that …

    2. Main point two:

    A second main point in this chapter/article is that …

    Supporting evidence provided by the author:

    The evidence the author provides for … is …

    3. Main point three:

    Supporting evidence provided by the author:

    4. Main point four:

    Supporting evidence provided by the author:


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